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10 Books to Read in November

Love in the New Millennium by Can Xue The most ambitious work of fiction by a writer widely considered the most important novelist working in China today. In this darkly […]

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America for Beginners

America for Beginners Leah Franqui William Morrow/Harper Collins 310 pgs/ $27.00 American identity has always been elusive, an oddity used up and heralded by political sideshow barkers or the latest […]

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Oliver Sacks on death and living purposefully

Oliver Sacks was one of the foremost neurologists and writers of the twentieth century, and at one point or another, whether you realize it or not, you’ve probably come across […]

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Strange Summer – 10 Books to Read in July

The World is a Narrow Bridge by Aaron Their From the author of Mr. Eternity, a darkly comic road novel about a millennial couple facing the ultimate question: how to live […]

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Literary Ledgers: Magic Realism

Literary Ledgers is a new series designed around helping people learn about and find reading recommendations for a specific genre or trend in fiction. Each new edition will focus on […]

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The Book of M

Shepherd’s imagination is brutal and brilliant in equal measure. Overall, The Book of M is a strong debut novel from a promising writer, and if readers come to it with the right expectations, they will encounter a story that is compelling in scope and imagination, a book that takes old tropes and paints them in new and vivid colors where they were deeply needed.

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If you have any interest in a world beyond American borders, where colonialism still bares its teeth, where the fantastical still so perfectly illustrates the mundane, and where the rawness […]

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The Accusation

In a culture dominated by post-modernist irony and cynicism, The Accusation is refreshing in that it unashamedly, unflinchingly demands to be read as a book about something. The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North […]