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10 Books to Read in June

Black Moses – Alain Mabanckou (June 6th) It’s not easy being Tokumisa Nzambe po Mose yamoyindo abotami namboka ya Bakoko. There’s that long name of his for a start, which means, […]

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If you have any interest in a world beyond American borders, where colonialism still bares its teeth, where the fantastical still so perfectly illustrates the mundane, and where the rawness […]

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If We Were Villains

Theatre porn for the theatre kids with a healthy dose of murder-mystery, If We Were Villains is a fun romp through the backstage drama of Shakespearean thespians, but it will undoubtedly fret […]

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Four Narrative Games to Play in April/May

Persona 5 (April 4th) As the latest entry in Shin Megami Tensei series, Persona 5 promises the same mix of traditional Japanese Role Playing Game (JRPG) mechanics and high school based relationship […]

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7 Books to Read in May

The Clerk’s picks for this month include a Pulitzer Prize winner, an international Japanese superstar, a reimagined literary hero (of sorts), tales of the American Southwest, the anxiety of graduate […]

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The Talos Principle

Using what initially appears as simple, puzzle-based gameplay, The Talos Principle quickly morphs into a complex rumination upon the line between human and machine consciousness. Revisit this one while you have the chance. […]

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The Accusation

In a culture dominated by post-modernist irony and cynicism, The Accusation is refreshing in that it unashamedly, unflinchingly demands to be read as a book about something. The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North […]

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Zero K

While DeLillo is unquestionably one of the greatest American authors of the last fifty years, Zero K is unfortunately his weakest work by far, exhibiting tendencies that resemble the foibles […]