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The Book of M

Shepherd’s imagination is brutal and brilliant in equal measure. Overall, The Book of M is a strong debut novel from a promising writer, and if readers come to it with the right expectations, they will encounter a story that is compelling in scope and imagination, a book that takes old tropes and paints them in new and vivid colors where they were deeply needed.

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If you have any interest in a world beyond American borders, where colonialism still bares its teeth, where the fantastical still so perfectly illustrates the mundane, and where the rawness […]

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The Accusation

In a culture dominated by post-modernist irony and cynicism, The Accusation is refreshing in that it unashamedly, unflinchingly demands to be read as a book about something. The Accusation: Forbidden Stories from Inside North […]

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Zero K

While DeLillo is unquestionably one of the greatest American authors of the last fifty years, Zero K is unfortunately his weakest work by far, exhibiting tendencies that resemble the foibles […]